Hi…so, I have had alot of questions as how to brush and what I do with my little one. As we all know, having a toddler and brushing isn’t easy but its important to establish good oral hygiene habits and brush 2 x a day, once in the morning after breakfast and again at night before bed.

I started using a small wet gauze and banana baby toothbrush (which you can get on Amazon) before he got teeth. Once he got his first tooth, I started using a regular kids toothbrush around 5 months old.

I try to use lots of distraction!! Having him hold his favorite glasses or sometimes you need another pair of hands to help with the brushing. Taking turns also helps. Its all about going with the flow and there is no right or wrong way just whatever works for you and your baby.

Brushing at this age definitely can be frustrating and sometimes parents don’t do it because they don’t want to hurt the baby or make them cry. We see lots of cavities in kids and its the most preventable disease. Healthy habits starting early on will help keep your little ones teeth strong and healthy. Please follow us on Instagram @gramercykidssmiles and facebook… I will be posting videos and tidbits to help get your little one into a good oral hygiene routine. You can always message me if you have any questions or want me to post a video about certain topics and I would love to take care of the little ones🙏